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I'm a software developer by day but like to tinker with computers outside of work as well. This site will eventually serve my best personal projects. In the meantime, it'll just carry basic info for those that I have posted on the iTunes App Store.

JEsho is my first attempt at creating an application for the iPhone. Partly as practice, partly for personal use, and partly to raise money to afford a basic iPhone cell phone plan. The idea to write JEsho came about when in February 2008, I was in Japan visiting a friend. He had an iPod Touch, and I had an iPhone, but during the time we were trying to meet up, I kept wishing I had a dictionary with me since my Japanese language skills were poor.

ModPlayer was written when one day I was looking through old documents and found part of my MOD file collection. I started collecting these music files when I was still in elementary school, so finding them again was nostalgic. Since it’d make sense to put music files on a music player, I started writing ModPlayer.

-Hansel Chung


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